Technology in soccer

I have always been a fan of Adidas company. What they have done in the past 64 years for variety of different sports can not be easily described, but soccer is what benefited the most from Adidas' passion for their high quality products.

Some of the new products are marvels of technology, even though you would not think that technology would be present in a simple game of soccer.

miCoach and SmartBall are two most technologically advanced product concepts Adidas has introduced recently.

miCoach is available for training and soccer. It requires a sensor placed in your shoe, a connector that plugs in to your computer or smartphone. When you enable all components, they give you powerful information about your training session or your soccer stats. miCoach collects your movement and cardio data during training or competition and helps you build a training plan specific to your sport and your goals - even offering audible coaching in real time. For soccer players, when you combine miCoach with SmartBall, you will get unbelievable amount of information about your game: speed, movement, passes, ball trajectory for each touch/shot with visuals that are simply incredible.

miCoach and SmartBall are available now!