So, how do you get kids to program? Program what? Write programs instead of just using them. There are many initiatives these days, all worth our attention and larger reach. One of them actually makes kids (and some 45 year old man) code with the help of little robots and iPads.

The company is called Wonder Workshops and they make Dash and Dot, little robots who teach kids to program actual tasks so that the little buggers can do immediately!



Dash immediately listens to commands written on an iPad. The commands are written by kids who need to put the programming blocks in order, so that Dash can execute what kids wrote.

During a recent <Hour of Code> event in a local elementary school, hundreds of kids got to play with Dash & Dot and get a sample of programming and coding.

Take a look at what the little bots can do:

More info on Dash & Dot here: Wonder Worksop

I wholeheartedly support the many initiatives to encourage kids to work in technology! -

Hour of Code -

Even President Barack Obama is a coder!