Google Street View

Google keeps on inventing the wheel. I am sure most of us are familiar with Google Maps. Finding our way around places is increasingly reliant on digital maps and Google seems not to be willing to step down from the top spot when it comes to the battle of the Maps. They seem to make it more and more usable and cover more ground at an amazing pace.

But now, even you can create your own Street Views or Favorite Places or take us into your business or home. Google introduced Photo Sphere, where you can take a series of photographs and convert them to "walkable" and "explorable" places.

Take a look at some of my favorite places in Poland: Kozłówka Palace or Wojanów Palace or the Lech Poznań Soccer Stadium, where I watched Italy beat Ireland in the EURO 2012. Dr. Sheldon Cooper may be inclined to visit CERN lab in Geneva, or all of us soccer freaks can stand on the pitch at Wembley.

It is very interesting how Google does it. Explore the tools of Google engineers and when you see the Google Street View car, wave and perhaps you will be "Google Famous"!