Google glasses are out there... Are YOU gonna wear them?

So, glasses and a computer in one.. Genius or silly?

At first it seems a bit futuristic, but they in fact do exist. Google has been hyping them out for the last year with previews and teasers, but at this point they still not available for purchase. The limited release via online application has just expired, but it seems that interest is still very high. Roughly 10,000 testers have been accepted and paid $1500 for the privilege.

The lucky ones who have been able to experience them (or it?) have so far been complimentary. Some of the most lauded features include the ability to take pictures and videos with a simple spoken command: "OK Glass, take a picture" or directions being displayed as you walk. Another is the ability to search the internet with spoken commands or instantly share what you see with the world via Google Chat or Facebook and Twitter. Additional software or "glassware" will add more bells and whistles.

On the negative side, short battery life, requirement to pair the glasses with a smart phone (for internet connectivity) and tons of privacy concerns are some issues that will need addressing.

For more information go to Glass page, now part of X Company.