Technophobia Consulting was founded in 2004 by Maciek Gralinski. Over the past 25 years Maciek (pronounced Mah-chek) has held a wide variety of leadership, strategic planning and consulting roles. He earned his M.S. in telecommunications and served as a Director of Technology of ProColor in Minneapolis, witnessing the revolution of desktop publishing, internet and digital photography.

Maciek prides himself on keeping up-to-date with all new developments in technology. As a matter of fact, his life is dependent on technology: the lifesaving insulin pump Maciek has been wearing for the last 19 years has greatly improved his way of life.

Green technology is increasingly important part of Maciek's professional and personal outlook. Ask him about Tesla or PowerWall or SofBank Robotics and the conversation will last for a long time!

Maciek lives with his wife and three children in Mahtomedi, Minnesota. His interests, besides technology, include: cooking, yard work, reading, watching & playing football (the real thing) and following his favorite teams Manchester United and locally Minnesota United FC!




Why should you write a check to Technophobia Consulting? How can you be sure it will pay off? While we can't offer irrefutable proof, consider the cost of not hiring us - of continuing with life and business with frustration, missed opportunities and wasted time.

Here are a handful of reasons we believe we're worth it.

  • "We're versatile"

  • "We're EFFICIENT"

You'd rather have a shorter, more focused learning experience than an elaborate, open-ended undertaking

  • "We're targeted"

You want ideas and answers that are utterly relevant to your situation - not generic platitudes, principles and theories.

  • "We're low-risk"

You'd rather spend a little and test our value than sink a big chunk of cash into someone or something that may not work.

  • "We're accommodating"

  • "We're SMART"

You want someone who can quickly discern what matters to you and what counts in your company.

  • "We're seasoned"

You want an resource expert who has been in your shoes. You want acumen, real-world perspective.

  • "We're judicious"

You don't want to be overloaded with information. You'd rather focus on critical skills and essential takeaways -- and delve in more deeply, if, and when you need to.

  • "We're persistent"

You want a change that will stick and learning that will last. You want someone who will be around to keep the motivation going and make sure the impact is real and enduring.

  • "We're FUN"

You have enough stress and pressure already. You're looking for an experience that is engaging, revealing and uplifting - even if the subjects and stakes are serious.

  • "We're patient"

  • "We're CALM"